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BOYS AND GIRLS BASKETBALL Our teams are made up of seventh and eighth graders. The boys’ team plays in the winter, and the girls’ team plays in the spring. Over the past years, they have won three championships.

CHEERLEADING Our cheerleading squad is made up of seventh and eighth grade girls, and they perform at boys’ basketball games and other major school events.

VOLLEYBALL An after school program in the spring that culminates in an eighth graders versus teachers game in June.

AFTER SCHOOL CHORUS A year-round program for students of all grades. The chorus sings at numerous events such as Ring Day, Commencement, and the annual Evening of the Arts.

AFTERSCHOOL DRAMA A spring program in which seventh and eighth graders perform scenes from classical plays in our annual Evening of the Arts.

ENGLISH HONORS SEMINAR A winter/spring program for seventh and eighth graders with above 95 averages. Students meet before school starts to discuss literature, writing, and other issues regarding arts and culture.

MATH LAB A fall/spring after school program dedicated to supplementing and enhancing our rigorous math curriculum.

STUDENT PLAYWRITING FESTIVAL Open only to seventh graders every spring, student-written plays are chosen to be read publicly to parents and teachers.

CURRENT EVENTS CLUB Our newest academic program; students meet for a bi-monthly lunch to discuss issues currently in the news.

STUDENT COUNCIL Every autumn, our students elect a president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary to work with the administration on fund-raising and other social events.

LOVE KITCHEN Our student council raises funds in the winter to help families in need.

MIRACLEFOUNDATION Our student council raises funds in the spring to fight cancer.

DANCES Every autumn and spring, our student council sponsors evening dances for the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.

SUPERSTUDENTS Every month, a student from each grade is chosen for accomplishing something super. As a group, they meet for lunch with our principal.

THREE HIERARCHS Every year, we celebrate the lives and accomplishments of St. Gregory the Theologian, St. Basil the Great, and St. John Chrysostom with a dance performance involving every grade.

GREEK DANCING Although part of our curriculum, Greek dancing continues after school with performances at our annual Greek festival and at venues throughout the city, including Gracie Mansion.

THANKSGIVING BRUNCH After our annual Thanksgiving play, students, teachers, and parents celebrate the holiday with a brunch.

CHRISTMAS BRUNCH After our annual Christmas play, students, teachers, and parents celebrate the holiday with a brunch and a visit from Santa Claus.

BIG BROTHER/BIG SISTER Seventh and eighth grade students are paired with kindergartners and first graders to exchange friendship, guidance, and inspiration.

NATIONAL READERS’ DAY Every autumn, we are visited by local leaders and community members to discuss books and the importance of literacy. 

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM  The After School Program at GAI begins at 2:15 pm and ends at 5:45 pm.  Children in Pre-K up to 8th Grade are welcome.  Homework help, snacks, reading, and play time are some general activities of the program.