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ellinomatheia exams 

utility and usability 

Students who obtain the Ellinomatheia Certification are recognized worldwide for their greek language qualifications, which can be used to study in universities in Greece, Europe and the USA. 

Furthermore, the Certificate of Attainment in Greek:

• has been incorporated in the Seal of Biliteracy program in New York State (B1 Level). The Seal of Biliteracy certifies that a student has attained fluency in a foreign language which may aid in applying for entry at public Colleges and Universities (

• A2 level Certification added as an approved Pathway Assessment in World Languages. That means that the GAI students that pass the A2 Ellinomatheia Exam may meet the fifth assessment requirement for High School Graduation (
• provides any user of Greek with an expert and objective opinion regarding the level of their knowledge and language skills
• serves as proof of the successful candidate's level of attainment in Greek in the work market
• is a requirement for the practice of various professions in

• allows citizens of European Union member states to participate in the examination of the Supreme Council of Personnel Selection (ΑΣΕΠ) for civil service positions (The Supreme Council specifies the required level of certificate in every announcement)
• at Level B2 allows foreigners
to register at a Greek institution of higher education, in case they do not have a Greek secondary education certificate.
• at Level C2 allows citizens of European Union member states to prove complete knowledge and fluent use of the Greek language and thus be employed in a Greek institution of higher education.

Structure & Content

The skills examined at levels A1, A2 and B1 are four: 1) reading, 2) listening 3) writing and 4) speaking. The skills examined at levels B2, C1 and C2 are five: 1) listening, 2) reading, 3) use of Greek 4) writing and 5) speaking.

The language – whether in dialogue or text form, formal or informal – on which candidates are examined is authentic or as authentic as possible. Texts reflect a wide variety of interests. Test items are close to realistic situations, to which candidates have to respond in the same way in which they would respond in everyday situations, using the target language. Thus, the listening examination includes recorded dialogues or monologues and the reading examination contains authentic texts – possibly slightly revised if necessary.Speaking and writing are either guided or free depending on the level. The speaking examination involves two candidates to be assessed by two assessors; candidates have to respond to everyday situations, participating in role-play for the initial levels or in conversation for the more advanced levels, arguing or expressing personal views on particular topics.

dates & Examination center

A1 (for children 8-12) May 14th 2024

A1 (for adolescents & adults) May 14th 2024

A2 :May 14th 2024

B1: May 16th 2024

B2: May15th 2024

C1: May 15th 2024

C2: May 16th 2024

Registration : February, 1st 2024 - March, 20th 2024

Examination Center: The exam takes place at Saint Demetrios School in Astoria (30-03 30th Street Astoria, Queens).

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