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The Greek American Institute prides itself in having tradition of a excellence for over 100 years.As a professional learning community, we believe that every child possesses unique skills and talents and our job as educators is to nurture every child’s development at every level–academically, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Our goal is that every child loves school and masters grade level standards and beyond, as well as foster the development of character and a sense of community responsibility. We provide a supportive and safe environment and cultivate curiosity and a lifelong love of learning by differentiating instruction through the use of a wide range of instructional strategies and assessments, fostering critical, creative and complex thinking and problem solving skills.


We align our curriculum beyond the New York State Curriculum Standards (core subjects), Greek Language Standards and Archdiocese religion standards. Graduates of the Greek American Institute are well prepared for future higher educational opportunities and are continually placed in the top high schools of their choice. We welcome new families to our community and look forward to a shared partnership with you to prepare your child for the challenges of the future.

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