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 Principal's message 
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Everything begins with education. Whether one wants to practice medicine or practice law, explore the world or explore the internet, the journey begins at school. In 1912, a group of Greek immigrants started a school where their children would receive a top notch American education, but where they would also study the Greek language and Greek culture. Over one hundred years later, the Greek American Institute is still educating children of immigrants, not only from Greece, but Albania, Serbia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Russia, China, Korea, Ghana, and other lands across the globe.

The administration and faculty of the Greek American Institute believe in a rigorous, in depth education. We don’t teach to tests. We teach to broaden our students’ knowledge and to encourage critical thinking. We also emphasize creativity and the arts.

The Greek American Institute is a small, selective school, but the students, faculty, and staff are all part of the same big family. No matter what grade a child is in, he or she interacts with students and teachers throughout the school. Thus, a sense of camaraderie pervades the building. That is the aspect of the Greek American Institute I am most

proud of.

We are all working together toward a common goal: developing each child intellectually, creatively, and socially. And we accomplish our goals with respect and love. Too often educators focus on results. At GAI we focus on process. We work closely with each child, and encourage him or her to take ownership of the learning process. Most importantly, we treat each child with kindness. As a result, a GAI education not only builds intellect, but also character and confidence. In today’s complex world, this is what a child needs to succeed. If you want such an education for your child, please join us!


John Attanas, Principal

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