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PreK for ALL & 3K 

We are proud of our program’s accomplishments. We have a collaborative PKA team, strong families ties, and provide a safe environment. The quality of our program  has received high scores based on family surveys and ECERS and CLASS feedback  from school visits. This sets us apart from other programs around us. Scores can be  found on under Pre-K Quality Snapshot. NYCDOE organizes inter visitations, providing teachers from other programs to observe our PKA team. We are  the only program collaborating with Great Small Works, a dance program, funded by Councilman Gjoni and former Councilman Vacca. Many of the PKA students remain at  the Greek American Institute and proceed to Kindergarten.   


Our Pre-K for All (PKA) program was established 20 years ago. It is a high quality program with a rigorous and developmentally appropriate curriculum, preparing  students for Kindergarten. It is aligned with the New York State Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core and Early Childhood Education interdisciplinary units of study. The units of study are as follows:  

  • Welcome to Pre-K  

  • My Five Senses  

  • All About Us  

  • Where We Live  

  • Transportation  

  • Light  

  • Water  

  • Plants  

  • Babies  

  • Transformation

Our 3K program launched in 2019 and was an immediate success. It offers a high-quality early child hood education. It builds a foundation of skills, knowledge, and approaches necessary to succeed in school and prepare for Pre-K for All. Instructional opportunities are provided through Interdisciplinary Exploration themes. The Exploration themes are as follows: 


Exploration 1 

What is our community? Children explore their classroom, emerging sense of self and emerging sense of belonging.  

Exploration 2 

What can we discover about our environment? Children notice and discuss the environment around them, put materials together, explore buildings, and explore how things move. 

Exploration 3

How do my actions impact growth and change? Children will explore ideas related to caring for self, others and the world around them. They will explore things that grow their role in growth, change, and their role in change.

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