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Parent teacher organization

Upon registration, every parent automatically becomes a member of the P.T.O. of the Greek American Institute.  By joining the P.T.O. and adding your strength and voice to its efforts, you can help make G.A.I. one of the best schools. Meetings are usually held monthly.  


We encourage all parents to become actively involved in their son’s/daughter’s education on an academic and social level. Please make every effort to help the P.T.O. in making G.A.I. a better place.  

Through the years, the P.T.O. has sponsored numerous social and fundraising activities.  Volunteers are always needed for:


  • chocolate, wrapping paper, and bookstore sales

  • the book fair

  • class parents

  • field trips

  • the Walk-A-Thon

  • graduation ceremonies

  • cultural arts activities

  • the parade

  • the annual festival

  • field day

  • Family Fun Night

  • Evening of the Arts

  • Movie Night

  • other P.T.O. sponsored activities


Board members for the 2021-2022 school year:

President: Constantina Catania

Vice President: Kali Daskalakis

Treasurer: Darlene Michialis

Secretary: open until elections

Committee Heads: open

Parent Teacher Coordinator: Piera Marciano

PTO Advisor: Kathy Argyros

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